Diabetes and CV Risk Part 2: Cardiovascular risk management in Diabetes


Organiser: European Association of Preventive Cardiology (EAPC)

Topic: Diabetes and the Heart

Course directors: Professor J. Beulens (Amsterdam, NL) , Professor P. Groop (Helsinki, FI) , Associate Professor L. Mellbin (Stockholm, SE) , Professor F. Rutten (Utrecht, NL)

10 January 2023
1h 40min
Core Cardiology
2 Credits

After the programme, the participants will be able to understand: 

  • the biologic mechanism of diabetes mellitus
  • the major increase of diabetes mellitus by metabolic syndrome
  • the role of nature and nurture in both etiology, prevention and treatment of diabetes in a cardiovascular perspective
  • how to adequately estimate CVD risk and detect risk factors in people with diabetes
  • current therapeutic options for people with diabetes, their benefits and limitations
  • different modes of organization of diabetes and cardiovascular care, the role for various medical disciplines and patient engagement.
  • the role of new cardiovascular protective drugs in the field of diabetes.